Emilio Pucci Inspired Jacket

Who knew Pinterest would be addicting?! That said, I obviously was browsing and came across a picture of an Emilio Pucci jacket. It looked like a quilted faux leather jacket that had a unique quilted detail design. I was like whoa!!! Saved that in my board for inspiration just in case.

Fast forward a little bit of time and I’m browsing along the aisles of Joanns Fabrics. There sitting pretty was this faux leather fabric that had a quilted stitching design on it. Guess what?! It was almost identical to the Emilio Pucci Jacket!!!!! You got that right I wanted to get it but I had to wait until a Joanns famous coupon popped up to get it.

Well let’s fast forward just a little more. I wanted to make this jacket and was looking threw my pattern stash and found the perfect pattern jacket to make it out of. NewLooks D0565.

There is one problem… the pattern isn’t made with a lining just facings for the jacket. That’s no problem because I’m going to school for pattern drafting.

Away I went drafting a lining for this jacket and wha la!

It fits and has plenty of movement for the jacket!

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