Elie Saab inspired/Sew Frosting

Well da tAh!!! Here is my entry for the sew frosting contest hosted by Kelly from True Bias and Heather from Closet Case Patterns.

If you are not familiar is was a contest to encourage sewist to create something outside of their normal style. What a great way to push and encourage our creative side!

I saw a jacket by Ellie Saab once and fell in love. It looked like a jean jacket all covered in rhinestones and pearls. So I took that as inspiration.

Using SeamWorks Audrey Pattern I got started.

Didn’t make any adjustments to the pattern and their fit guide was an amazing feature to the pattern.

The fabric I choose was a stretch twill in blush, that was purchased from Joanns Fabrics. I wanted a different color but didn’t want to purchase more fabric. So I dyed it.

Once I completed sewing the jacket I used my hotfix tool applicator and went to town on blinging. Took forever but I made it!

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