Flashback Sewing Challenge!

Imagine if some crazy maverick science guy tells you that his car can go back in time would you jump in the car? Sounds familiar eh? HAHA! Well I don’t have a fancy time traveling car but I do have a sewing friend that loves past fashion trends as much as I do. And since we are not able to time travel we plan to bring those trends back to the future for at least the month of June.


Faith from @faithstjules and I wanted to bring the sewing community a fun challenge. A challenge that will bring back those past fashions trends. During the month of June we want people to create looks inspired by their favorite time in history and show them off on Instagram!

Start brainstorming for ideas. You can use vintage pattern, new patterns, or even make patterns to achieve your look. Make this whole sewing challenge fun and don’t be shy showing us your inspiration.


You will pick a time period you are inspired by. Start doing some research of the fashion trends during that time. See if you can find a pattern/s to help you achieve that look. It can be a vintage pattern, a current pattern, or you can even make your pattern. As long as you have made a whole look inspired by that time in history.


  1. All entries are due by June 24th, 2019
  2. One final complete look per person. (One entry per person)
  3. Take a picture of you in the outfit and post them on your Instagram Feed. (Must have a public account so we can share)
  4. Make sure you tag both Faith (@faithstjules) and I (@winmichele) , along with  the hashtag #flashbacksewingchallenge so we can see.
  5. (Optional) tell us what fabric, patterns, etc you used to create your look. I’m sure companies would be delighted to hear you used their stuff!
  6. Anyone from any country is allowed to participate. Just keep in mind that if you win the Grand Prize, make sure it can be shipped to your country.


On Friday June 28th we will pick a winner from all the enteries to win the Grand Prize of a $50 gift card to Promenade Fabrics.

To get the party started during the month of June we are also going to be hosting giveaways every Monday. These giveaways were graciously sponsored by some fabulous companies! Check them out!

Flashback sewing challenge


Alyssa-May Designs  – Online Fabric Shop

Patternscout – Pattern and Design Company

Fresh Press Patterns- Sewing Patterns

Promenade Fine Fabrics- Store and Online Fabric Store

Hope to see you in the future showing us some history in our FLASHBACK SEWING CHALLENGE!

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