Minimum Ease/Wearing Ease

What is ease?

Ease is the amount between your body and the garment.

What is minimum/wearing ease?

Minimum/wearing ease is the minimum amount of ease needed on a pattern to allow the garment to be worn. This will allow the person to put on the garment and move comfortably. To some, this is also considered as “FITTED”.

How do you find out the intended ease in a pattern?

It should be listed in the pattern’s fit guide. If the pattern does not have their intended ease listed. Subtract the size chart measurements from the finish garment measurements. The difference is the ease.

Look for clues. Words to look for in the description are… fitted, semi-fitted, loose, very loose, oversized.

**Disclaimer: The chart shown below is an amount considered by most as a “general rule”. Every pattern maker and the instructor will have a different opinion on what the appropriate minimum amount should be. But they are usually within close distance from one another.  Instead of giving you a range as most do. I have narrowed down an amount I find very helpful.


What type of fabric is this chart aimed for?

This chart is aimed at lightweight-medium woven fabrics. Types of garments its aimed for are tops, trousers (pants), and dresses. (Other types like coats, jackets, skinny jeans, knits, heavyweight fabrics and anything other than what’s listed above have a different amount of minimum ease. Usually with these larger amount of ease is factored in.)

Enter your measurements (in the column below) and add the minimum ease to your measurements. The sum is the minimum amount you need on a pattern in order for the garment to be able to be placed on your body, allow you to move, or be considered fitted.

Printable chart – Minimum Ease

Minimum Ease Chart

Minimum Ease + Your Measurement Minimum Amount needed
Bust 3” + =
Waist 1-2” + =
Hips 2” + =
Crotch Length for Slack/trousers 1” + =
Crotch Depth For Slacks/Trousers .75″ + =
Waistband (Enter your waist measurement) .5” + =
Thigh 2” + =
Bicep 2” + =
Wrist, Elbow and Ankles 2” + =
Sleeve Cap Ease 1 1/4”



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