My Almada version by Seamwork Patterns

I made the Seamwork Almada recently and want to do a rapid fire style review and explanation of my make.


The Almada by Seamwork Patterns.

Size Made and Modifications:

Size Medium with no modifications.

My measurements:

HB – 34″

FB- 37.5″



*side note: Do keep an eye on the hip measurement when choosing a size. The hip area is very fitted. Especially when ties are tied. Limited range of motion with arms when tied.


White linen from Joanns Fabric. Shibori dyed it myself.

Construction Notes:

I chose to do all the seams enclosed for this make. Topstitched self-enclosed seams. I’m glad I did because you can see some seams through the sleeves opening. I did not follow the instructions for the hem. They ask you to do a 1/8″ narrow hem. I find with the weight of fabric I was using and the bias bound neckline a 1/8″ hem seems impossible to do. So I did a 1/2″ hem.

Personal opinions:

This was a quick easy make. You really don’t need to do a muslin. I might do some of the construction a little differently but thats my opinion. This was a nice unique style since it reminds me of the Happi robes worn by Japanese festival-goers. I would make this probably once more but in a silkier material.

Seamwork robe2Seamwork robe3seamworkrobe4seamworkrobe6SeamworkRobe

3 thoughts on “My Almada version by Seamwork Patterns

  1. Beautiful! I am planning a similar robe with white linen. Could you please explain the Shibori process for the design you achieved?


    1. I had taken a class on this and this is one of the fabrics I had dyed. It’s been so long that I am not sure if I remember exactly what I did but I believe I folded the entire thing in an accordion fashion then triangles.


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