Chalk and Notch- Page Hoodie

Chalk and Notch has a new pattern and I was honored to be able test it. Here is the run down and review of my experience sewing it up.


The Page hoodie

About the pattern:

Classic raglan style cropped hoodie. Three different sleeve, two different lengths, and two hem style options.

Sleeves are long, full, gathered with cuff and the other a standard look long sleeve with cuff. Hem has a cropped version with hem band. The other is one that hits high waist with drawstring insertion.

I chose to do View B with short sleeves. The full length with gathered hem. Drawstring in the hoodie and hem.

Fabric recommendations:

Medium weight knits with 50-75% stretch. Things like French Terry, fleece and jersey. Hood has a lining and is recommended to use a lighter weight knit for the lining.

Fabric used:

I used a brushed French terry from Surge Fabrics. This was a great fabric to use. It’s easy to sew and very comfortable to wear. A little bit lighter than I expected, so it made it feel slightly more like a top than a hoodie. The pattern recommends to use a lighter fabric for the lining of the hoodie and I did not do that. I should have, with both pieces were made from the same fabric and it did make the hoodie seem a little heavy.

Drawstring in black for both the hoodie and hem. Attached to the drawstring are screwed on aglets.

Personal adjustments:

I made a size 8 all the way with no blending of sizes. I picked size based on my high bust measurement like pattern recommends. No adjustments made. The pattern says it’s a relax fit with around 8″ of ease through the bust. For the short sleeve it did also had a lot of ease in it too. I definitely think it is true to its discription.

My measurements:

HB: 34′

FB: 37.5″

W: 30.5″

H: 39″

5’4″ height

How many pattern pieces:

For the view I did, B with short sleeve, there was 5 pieces. Easy!


The construction was pretty standard construction of a raglan t-shirt. Attach the sleeve to the bodice, then the hoodie, and create hems. The attachment of the lining to the hoodie allows you to topstitch a drawstring channel. My view has a fold over hem that acts as the drawstring channel as well. Great construction because it does tell you to interface the areas where you will either insert grommets or button holes for the drawstrings.

What was the hardest part of the pattern:

I don’t think there was anything hard about this pattern if anything it was quick and easy. The only thing I can see as time consuming is threading the drawstring into the casing. But I use a handy tool called the drawstring threader from Dritz. It’s small enough to fit through 1/4″ holes and makes threading drawstring fast.

What was unique about the pattern:

What is unique is the variations of views. I completely agree with all the instructions. I love how it has a short sleeve option which is not common with most raglan style garments nowadays.

What I did differently:

Out of respect for testing I took these photos to show the intended look of the pattern. After completing the test and pictures I did change something. I ended up adding a 1″ wide elastic to the hem casing. For me I really liked the look. It gave more of uniform gathered look.

What did I like/dislike about the pattern:

There is nothing I dislike about this pattern. I love it and will continue to keep this pattern as my go to hoodie pattern.

Opinions on drafting/pattern making:

It’s known that the designer use to work as a pattern maker and it shows through her work. The pattern making in these pattern are far above than most I’ve seen on the market. I have never found errors or things I have disagreed with ever in any of the patterns.

*Disclaimer: I was a tester for this pattern. Which means I did receive this pattern for free to test. All materials used in this test was purchased by me. I was not compensated or obligated to make this post. None of the links are affiliate links.

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2 thoughts on “Chalk and Notch- Page Hoodie

  1. Thank you for your post! Your Shirt is so beautiful! I love the short sleeve and the color. I think I will give this pattern a try. Your metal endings look so professional! Where can I find something like this? Thank you, Barbara


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