True Bias -Rio Top and Dress. #SMS20

Hi everyone!! So excited to be this year’s Sew My Style leader for the challenge. That means I am leader for the month of May along with my co-leader Julian. We both will be bringing you a blog post featuring that month’s patterns. So for my blog post I am featuring my take on the Rio Ringer tee by True Bias. At the end of this blog post please check out the leaders for this years challenge. They are making some incredible things and have so much knowledge.

*Disclaimer: I am a #SMS20 leader so the pattern and fabric was sponsored for this blog post. But all opinions and text are of my own and honest.

About the pattern: 

The Rio pattern is a ringer style T-shirt and dress. With it being fitted, the top hits around the hips and the dress just above the knee. Contrasting ribbing around the crew neckline and short sleeves. 

Fabric Suggestions:

Pattern suggests medium weight knits with around 40% stretch. Spoonflower has a modern jersey that is perfect for this. It’s made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex. Cotton feel and the stretch you need. I picked a “Snow” print. Here is the link so you can see its navy blue background and white specks. For the ribbing, I already had a 2 x 2 rib knit in my stash that I used.

Key things to consider when choosing a fabric:

  1. Stay away from slinky lightweight knits
  2. Make sure the weight of the main fabric and the ribbing are similar. Having one heavier than the other will cause the garment to hang oddly and possibly pull in certain directions that wish not to.
  3. Pick ribbing with really good stretch recovery factor. The ribbing will be stretched as you sew so you don’t want any rippling effects afterwards due to the lack of recovery.

Personal adjustments:

I chose the size recommended per size chart, size 10. No adjustments made.

My Measurements: 5’4″ height

HB: 34″

B: 37.5″

W: 30.5″

H: 39″

Thoughts on sizing: 

This fit was spot on for me. It says its intended fit is a semi-fitted look and it was just that.

How many pattern pieces: 

5 pieces- front and back bodice, sleeve, neck and sleeve hem band.


The construction was very different than what you usually see in most patterns. It has you sew the sleeves, neck band and sleeve band in the flat and not in the round. It has the construction commonly found in the industry. The pattern has you sew one shoulder then attach the neck band in the flat, as well as the sleeves. The neck and sleeve bands are also constructed differently. It has you sew it as a single flat fold binding. You attach on side of the binding right sides together, then fold in seam allowance on the other side of the binding then top stitch it closed.

What was the hardest part of the pattern: 

I found nothing hard about this pattern. But if I had to choose what the hardest step is, is the folding over the seam allowance in the binding. depending on the fabric you might have a hard time keeping that crease on a knit fabric. I don’t think anyone in testing had a problem with it at all. Tips I would suggest is starching it or use wonder tape to keep in flat. A walking foot will be your best friend in something like this as well.

What was unique about the pattern: 

The construction of the pattern. It’s different and refreshing.

Tips on construction:

If you have trouble folding over the 1/4″ seam allowance on the ribbing, here are some tips to help make it easier.

  1. Use Wonder Tape to help keep the fold over edge put. It’s 1/4″ wide, the perfect width and its washes away.
  2. Use starch. As you fold over the 1/4″ seam allowance starch it before you iron. This will help keep the fold edge crease in tact better.

What I did differently: 

I didn’t do anything different than what was recommended in the pattern.

What did I like/dislike about the pattern: 

There is nothing I dislike about this pattern. I hope people don’t see this as a very basic pattern because I think this pattern has such potential for you to recreate different things. I would have like to see more options like a tank or a different neckline option.

Opinions on drafting/pattern making: 

The pattern making on this was perfection. I did not see anything odd or disagreed with. This has been a great pattern to work with and I can see so much potential for hacks. Classic timeless style for anyone.

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