DIY Cloth Pantry Sack


Scrolling through Pinterest I came across this picture of a fabric pantry sack and wanted one for myself. So the following tutorial is how I made one for myself. Please feel free to change dimensions and contructions as you see fit.


  • Cotton or Linen fabric : any natural fiber fabric that has been pre-washed.
  • Velcro (If you do not have velcro you can switch and make this into a drawstring bag.)
  • Vinyl (If you do not have any vinyl you can recycle any plastic or mesh from your kitchen.)
Supplies I used. (Velcro, linen, vinyl)
Alternative to the vinyl: here is a onion sack, you can also use zip lock bags.

Dimensions to cut:

From Fabric:

I cut out a long rectangle 30″ X 15″. I made it this was so I can just fold it in half and just sew the side seams to create the sack. Less work.

From vinyl:

I cut a 9″x 7″ rectangle.

From velcro:

1″ shorter than the width of the fabric rectangle. (14″ long)


  1. Fold and crease fabric in half. Wrong sides together.
  2. Draw a 6″ x 8″ rectangle on one side of the crease. Draw it on the wrong side of the fabric and aimed for the middle.
  3. Stitch the rectangle. Following the shape of the rectangle and using a normal 2.5mm straight stitch outline the rectangle, this will allow us to cut out the window for the vinyl.
  4. Clip and press back the inside of the rectangle. Toward the wrong side of the fabric. Just like a welt pocket construction, clip the inside of the rectangle up to, but not through the corners.
  5. Trim the folds down to 1/2″. This will remove bulk and help topstitch vinyl on.
  6. Place and topstitch the vinyl on the wrong side of the fabric. You can use wonder tape to help keep vinyl in place.
  7. Fold and press the short ends of the fabric rectangle, 1″. This will be the hem and opening of the sack.
  8. Pin and topstitch the velcro ontop of the hem, on the wrong side of the fabric. Centering it, as it will need to be away from the edge of the fabric and away from the seam allowance. This will also help conceal the raw edges of the hem.
  9. Fold rectangle in half with right sides together, matching hemlines and the crease line is the bottom of the sack.
  10. Stitch side seams at 3/8″. I just used a serger to stitch and conceal raw edges at the same time.
  11. Box corners from the wrong side. This is optional. It is your decision as to how far down you want to do this. I did around 1.5″.
  12. Turn is right side out. You are all done!

*Disclaimer: This tutorial was not sponsored and all materials were purchased myself.

Final look:

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