Face Mask and Headband

I created a pattern that will allow you to create something that can be used as a face mask and also wear it as a headband. This is designed for adults only.

  • Disclaimer: This is not CDC approved and at your own discretion please use appropriate fabrics.

Supplies needed:

  • 1/3 yd of woven fabric that is made of natural fibers and breathable.
  • 1 Elastic hair tie 6″ in circumference


Printable PDF HERE.

Projector file HERE.

Please select and print the “actual size” in the print menu.

There are three pages in this PDF.


(Stay stitch curves if you would like.)

  1. You will have cut out 4 pieces of the pattern. Two of them will be sewn along the center seam with the right sides together. Repeat for the other two.

2. Clip and press open seam allowance on center seams.


3. With right sides together place both newly constructed pieces on top of each other and sew along the length of the mask.


4. Turn mask inside out and press.


5. Serge short ends of mask.


6. Place short ends through hair tie folding over 1/2″. Topstitch close 1/8″ from edge. Repeat for the other side.


This is what you should have.

Place it over your head with the hair tie in the back of your head. Wear it full length. Fold it in half or don’t and slide it up on top of your head to wear it as a headband.



Sometimes personal adjustments will need to be made since everyone has a different size in head and shape.

Here is one way to adjust the pattern if it fits perfectly as a headband and too big for the face. (Marked in red.)

5 thoughts on “Face Mask and Headband

  1. This is the same idea that I had and so glad that you have done it and shared with everyone. Making some to match the kids school uniforms and my work uniform
    You deserve so many more followers IMO!


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