DIY Otter Pop sleeve/stand

Hello lovely crafters and makers. This tutorial will be to the point and short. I needed to make some more Otter Pop sleeves but wished there was something that I could make that allowed these pops to stand when left on the table.

So I came up with a temporary solution until someone can invent something cool. Get your sewing machine ready and I would advise using a walking foot.



2- 4” X 5” neoprene or scuba fabric


1- drink koozie

* The neoprene is important because of its density and loft. This gives it the ability to stand. *

Cut off the bottom of the koozie.
This is an easy way have the first two step already taken care of.

Start sewing: (for this tutorial we will be showing construction of the two black neoprene pieces but contruction can be applied to koozie as well)

Seam allowance: 1/2”

1. Take both pieces of fabric right sides together and stitch short end at a 1/2” seam allowance.

2. Separate the two pieces apart until the two seam allowances touch. Then top stitch the fold at seam allowance.

This is what it should look like.

3. Turn it inside/right side out.

4. Enclosed the seam allowances by topstitching them at the seam allowance. Essentially creating french seams to each stitched seam. (I did not trim the seam allowances because I wanted to use the bulk of the seam allowances for weight to give more loft.)

The one I am pinching is the last one out of the 4 I french seamed.
Side view

5. There should be roughly around 1”-1.25” opening in diameter.

6. Slip your Otter Pop in the opening of the sleeve.

Here is the drink koozie applying the same steps.

Thanks for reading and happy DIYing.

Otter Pop company is not affiliated or associated with this tutorial. 

Key is to have 4 equal sides. Like the photo below

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